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Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
Brawley, CA
The Medical Assistant I provides paraprofessional medical assistance services to patients within the department and assists physician(s), physician assistant(s), nurse practitioner(s) and nurses in...
about 2 years ago

Medical Assistant/Scribe

Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District
Brawley, CA
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The Medical Assistant I provides paraprofessional medical assistance services to patients within the department and assists physician(s), physician assistant(s), nurse practitioner(s) and nurses in patient care. Receives general supervision from a licensed physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner (within his/her scope of practice) who is physically present in the treatment facility during the performance of assigned duties or procedures. The supervising physician, PA/NP may provide written or oral instructions to be followed by a medical assistant in the performance of tasks or supportive services. Such instructions may provide that a physician's assistant, nurse practitioner or registered nurse may assign and supervisor tasks authorized by the physician.

  • Provides assistance in the taking of patient’s personal information, medical/surgical/social history and the reason for the visit (e.g. chief complaint, medication reconciliation, food allergies and any allergies or known reactions to medications, etc.)
  • Takes vital signs (blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation, heart rate), height/weight and current pain level (using 0-10 chart or Wong Baker).
  • Performs health screenings as ordered by Physician, NP/PA within the scope of the MA with appropriate competency (if required).
  • Accurately documents data collected into the departments Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Effectively utilizes EMR in support of the visit for orders provided by the Physician, P.A. or N.P., including but not limited to routine department functions (e.g. documenting vaccinations (including appropriate entry into designated registries), ordering diagnostic testing, calling in prescriptions to pharmacy, specialty referrals, transmitting prescriptions, documenting telephone encounters, scanning results and key documents and scheduling appointments). Ensures related reports, results and any other pertinent information are available in patients’ chart prior to their scheduled appointment.
  • Keeps exam rooms adequately stocked with appropriate supplies and equipment in the applicable quantity. Performs inventory checks and places appropriate orders to replenish stock.
  • Prepares exam rooms and patients appropriately for examinations and minor office procedures and assists as directed by the Physician, NP/PA, using and maintaining sterile technique when appropriate or required. Provides instruction to the patients per the Physician PA/NP orders. Performs clean-up post-exam/procedure using universal precautions, maintaining proper handling and disposal of sharps, bio-hazard waste and laboratory/pathology specimens as per PMHD policies.
  • Administers single dose parenteral or topical medications per the physician, NP/PA orders using correct verification protocol as per PMHD policy.
  • Maintains logs and required checks as directed by the Department Director (e.g. inventory, pathology, expiration, refrigerator, etc.).
  • Maintains ethics and safeguards integrity of medical records, patient’s rights, Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Protects department/practice by adhering to professional and regulatory standards as well as PMHD policies & procedures.
  • Strong organizational, communication, interpersonal and customer service skills. Capable of building and maintaining positive working relationships with patients, co-workers, physicians, NP/PA, and other PMHD representatives
  • Scribe, functioning within limits of District, hospital, and clinic policies and procedure. Organizing and ordered of data related to patient care activities and patient education. Inputting data and orders into the computer system.

Licenses & Certifications:
  • Certified Med Assist (Required)
  • Scribe Course (Preferred)

  • Team Player: Works well as a member of a group
  • Innovative: Consistently introduces new ideas and demonstrates original thinking
  • Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity

  • Self-Starter: Inspired to perform without outside help
  • Growth Opportunities: Inspired to perform well by the chance to take on more responsibility
  • Flexibility: Inspired to perform well when granted the ability to set your own schedule and goals
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends
Experience Level
  • Entry Level
  • Family Medicine
  • Internal Medicine
about 2 years ago